S   J   M

The three branches of SJM are: Music, Ministry, and Mentorship. Find out more information about each branch below! 
Seven J has preached at youth conferences, youth revivals, Sunday morning services, youth panels, and more. Hosting events such as Floetry Friday, baby showers, and even wedding receptions, Seven J is sure to deliver an amazing experience. 
Seven J has been writing music since the age of four. Recording his first tape on a Talkboy at the age of six. The pinnacle of secular success came when Seven was offered a record deal by a prominent Southern record company. Due to the content of his music changing, the deal was lost. Seven has been doing music fueled by The Lord since 2007. He has over 13 underground titles and takes lyricism and theolgy extremely serious.
For nearly a decade Seven J has worked with students in Jacksonville, Florida providing tutoring, mentoring, and leadership. Now Seven J has spearheaded the movement "Shaping Junior Minds" which is a mentorship initiative for kids 5th-12th grade to receive guidance and support to navigate through their lives. If you are interested in hosting a Shaping Junior Minds Session or ongoing club please click here. 
Who is Seven J? 
From the slums and gutters of the hood, by grace alone Seven J has triumphed over his circumstances. Single mother household, poverty-stricken environment, and being surrounded be crime and violence, Seven J was bound to be another statistic. His love and passion for music led him down a path that had a glimmer of hope at the end. Influenced heavily by his environment, Seven J's music reflected the lifestyle he was living, the lifestyle he wanted to live, and the lifestyle of those around him. Lyrics were heavily laced with murder, lasciviousness, promiscuity, and profanity. This style of music brought much worldly success. Concerts, yacht parties, and heavy rotations in Jacksonville's most popular clubs were becoming the norm. In late 2007, God began to work on the heart of Seven J and his music slowly shifted from guns and gore to God and His Glory. A man with the heart of a lion who just genuinely loves every human he comes in contact with is what you get with Seven J. His passion is not just heard in his music but seen in his life. Any dollar you put toward Seven J Ministry will be used to further the unique calling that God has placed on Seven J's life to reach the unreached and be a voice for the voiceless.

"Everyone knows my past and my failures. What you may not know is my past, present, & future sins have already been forgiven at Calvary."